Alfarmania & Proiekt Hat – Mardrömd Dödsström


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Alfarmania & Proiekt Hat


Mardrömd Dödsström




T110, Tesco Organisation






Industrial, Noise, Power Electronics





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Alfarmania & Proiekt Hat – Mardrömd Dödsström

01. We Came To Kill

02. For All Those Who Died (Endgültigkeit des Dunkels)

03. Friends In High Places

04. Intern-Nationalist

05. Eldförgängelsens Apostater

Description du label : Over the wastelands of hopelessness every now and then a bleak sun rises, shedding its pale light on the deserted industrial heritage of decades long lost. It is here that the powers that be have fought in vain to quell a small resistance, hell-bent on resurrecting the sounds and sentiments of those bygone days. Alfarmania and Proiekt Hat are proponents of the singularly Nordic insistence on adding post to mortem, that brand of power electrics that just won’t stay dead: power electronics without an on/off switch. After the Astral Slaktmask tape, the deluded northerners stepped on a train leading them deeper down into wet basements posing a serious hazard to their lives, their equipment and whatever is left of their sanity. Whatever humanity remaining in these sorry bastards hopelessness had not already permanently removed, the alcohol-induced stupour and the mouldy vapours surely would. The result is a 5-track grave digging nightmare flowing to the brim with death transformed into sound: Mardrömd Dödsström, recorded in the waning weeks of the northern summer 2015. In this epic foray into Swedish industrial sounds, the usual suspects serve up slabs of treated feedback and percussion; meshes of filthy rhythms and a dollop of analog synth sounds. In the mix they throw in a healthy helping of unrestrained ritual abandon reflecting an unhealthy fire fetish. Somebody had probably better put a stop to these misled nomads of northern industrial ruin. It is said that lead can kill them.


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