Christian Death-The Root Of All Evilution (Silver)


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Christian Death


The Root Of All Evilution


Couleurs, Vinyle


Season Of Mist, SOM 370LPCS






Death Rock, Goth Rock





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Perennial Gothic-rock pioneers Christian Death return with their new album « The Root Of All Evilution ».Over seven years in the making, the album sees the trail-blazing outfit steer back toward their storied roots.

Christian Death-The Root Of All Evilution

Side 1 (Part One)

1. In The Garden Of Evilution

2. This Cross

3. Tar Black Liquid

4. Fema Coffins

5. Illuminazi

Side 2 (Part Two)

6. We Have Become

7. Forgiven

8. Penitence Forevermore

9. Deliver Us

10. Secrets Down Below

Produced by Valor & Maitri

Mixed by Valor at Appalchia Studios, Maine , USA

Mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering

Portland, Maine, USA

Engineered by Valor at Appalachia Studios, Maine

and Hillside Studio, California USA

Engineered by Todd Underwood

Assistant Engineer Zack Fortier

at Underwood Audio, Monson Maine USA

Oil paintings by Zara Kand

(originals painted in oil colour) originals and prints available at

Label art by Phil Worobey

All other art and graphics by Valor

Front cover model :Maitri

Special Thanks to: Sevan Kand, Nick Nedzynski, Charles « Chains » Lenihan, Heather Kruze, Juan « Punchy » Gonzales, Mike Ricadela, Matt Anderson, Sofiane Kerboub, Shawn terry, Hex Flow, Laurence Byrne, Jean-Jacques Regouffre

Jason Frantz- Drums, udu, sledge hammer and 13 meter oil pipe, reverse cymbals and brake rotor, chains on drums.

Maitri-female voice, bass guitar, upright nass.

Valor-Male voice, guitars, strings, keyboards and all other performances.

All music by Valor & Maitri except song 2. by Valor, Maitri, & Jason Frantz

All lyrics by valor & maitri except songs 1, 4, 5, 6, 8 by valor, songs 7, 9, 10 by Maitri

All music published 2015 by QAH Music/BMI USA/PRS UK

Spokenword lyrics-excerpts from The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth & The Book Of Enoch


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