Current 93 – Swastikas For Noddy/Crooked Crosses For The Nodding God


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Current 93


Swastikas For Noddy/Crooked Crosses For The Nodding God


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The Spheres, THESPHERES15/17LP




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Current 93-Swastikas For Noddy/Crooked Crosses For The Nodding God

Swatikas For Noddy

A1. Benediction

A2. Blessing

A3. North

A4. One Eye

A5. Black Sun Bloody Moon

A6. Oh Coal Black Smith

A7. Panzer Rune

A8. Black Flowers Please

A9. The Final Church

B1. The Summer Of Love

B2. (Hey Ho) The Noddy (Ho)

B3. Beau Soleil

B4. Scarlet Woman

B5. The Stair Song

B6. Angel

B7. Since Yesterday

B8. Valediction

B9. Malediction

This Current Of God were and weren’t :

Tibet 93: vocals;Douglas P.:guitar, drums, and lead vocals on « Angel »;Jhonn Balance: syick guitar and co-vocals on « The Final Church… »;Rose McDowall:guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals on « (Hey Ho) The Noddy (Oh) », and co-vocals on « Black Flowers, Please »; Boyd Rice: spoken vocals; Stephen Stapleton: Harmonium and cello;HÖH:harpsichord;Ian Read:lead vocals on « Benediction » and « Valediction »;Freya Aswynn:lead vocals on « Blessing » and « Malediction » and co-vocals on « (Hey Ho) The Noddy (Oh) »and « Panzer Rune »;Gary Carey: keyboards on « Since Yesterday »

Produced and mixed by Tibet 93 and Douglas P.

Cover:Bluebirds In The Spring by Babs Santini.

This LP is dedicated to Lilith Isidore Willow.May she live long and happily.

« When all vegetation is covered by the flood there are now eyebrows on the face of the Waterworld »

Tibet 9,Reykjavík,

November, 1987.

Crooked Crosses for The Nodding God

C1. He Is Everywhere Nowhere

C2. Northforth

C3. Hail

C4. The Return Of The Final Church

C5. Snow

C6. Oh Thou Coal Black Smith

C7. From Boyd’s Bunker

C8. Ending Ending

D1. The Summer Past

D2. The Sickstair Song

D3. Toytown Awakes

D4. Dark Wood Too Awakes

D5. After Tomorrow

D6. Hey Ho The Nodding God Comes

D7. Looney Runes

D8. The Ballad Of Bobby Sunshine

D9. The Use Of Compassion Explained

Current 93 ain’t the Summer of Love, but could have been:

David Tibet: vocals and drums;Douglas P.:guitar, drums, and vocals;Jhonn Balance:stick guitare and vocals;Rose McDowall:guitar and vocals;Boyd Rice:vocals;Tony Wakeford:guitar, bass,keyboards, drums, and laughing;Ian Read: vocals;HÖH:obeahand wanga;Steven Stapleton:hookah and bong;Cyril Bunting:accordion

Engineered by Colin Potter at ICR Studios,Tollerton, York.Produced by David Tibet and Steven Stapleton.

Original Cover painting: A Crooked Shriek by Rosy Abelisk.

Crooked Crosses For The Nodding God is a re-recorded, re-mixed, and re-structured version of Swatikas For Noddy, and so the colours I saw before and after Iceland are now complete.And, as Swatikas For Noddy was dedicated to Diana and Steven’s first child Lilith, this album is dedicated to their second.A long and joyful life to Nyida, sun and moon.

« Then he stayed at Driche cave, manifesting sickness. »

from The Life Of Milarepa.

 This reissue of Swastikas For Noddy and Crooked Crosses For The Nodding God celebrates the 93rd anniversary of Current 93.All photographs of This Current Of God by Belovèd Ruth Bayer at songs have been re-mastered for this release by the bricoleur at

My deep and steep thanks to: Ania Goszczynska at for the layout; Darren Crawford for his support with this release an all others; Steve Pittis for arranging almost all;Ossian Brown for his beautiful advice and insights here, there and everywhere; Mark Logan for support all the way down and back again; Michael Lawrence for expert singsong advice; and José Pacheco for all again.Blessings and kissings to all those who have PickNicked with me since the beginning, and who will PickNick with me until the end.

David Tibet, Hastings and Babylon, May 2015.

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