Nature And Organisation-Snow Leopard Messiah


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Nature And Organisation


Snow Leopard Messiah




TRI 517 CD, Trisol




Folk, Industriel


Ambient, Modern Classical, Néo-Folk





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Nature And Organisation-Snow Leopard Messiah

Cd 1

Beauty Reaps the Blood of Solitude

1. Introduction

2. Wicker Man Song

3. Blood of Solitude I

4. Bloodstreamruns

5. My Black Diary

6. Tears for an Eastern Girl

7. Beauty Destroyed

8. Skeletontonguedworld

9. Obsession Flowers as Torture

10. Blood of Solitude II

11. Bonewhiteglory

Bonus tracks

12. A Dozen Winters of Loneliness

13. To You

Cd 2

Death in a Snow Leopard Winter

Parts 1 to 12

Beauty Reaps the Blood of Solitude

David Tibet vocal; Douglas P vocals on « My Black Diary » E-bow on « Beauty Destroyed » Rose McDowall vocals; Michael Cashmore Guitars, mandolin, glöckenspiel, keyboards, percussion, sounds;Benet Walsh violin

Mairead Sheerin cello; lisa Oliver flute; Amnda Jayne Edge flute; Jason Burton Bassoon

A Dozen Winters of Loneliness

David Tibet spoken vocal; Michael Cashmore guitars, keyboards, tubular bells, percussion,Slasher  drums; ian Hodgkiss steel

To You

Steven Mason vocals; Michael Cashmore guitar, bass, bells

Stephen Hooper accordion

Death in a Snow Leopard Winter

Michael Cashmore piano; Elizabeth Toney violin;

Jeremy Jackson violin, Hannah Walker viola; Dan Bradley cello

« Beauty Reaps the Blood of solitude » was originally released in 1994 (Durtro 021cd);

« Death in a Snow leopard Winter » althought actually an unfinished album, was originally released in 1998 (SLCD 001cd); »A Dozen Winters of Loneliness » is taken from the 1994 cd Ep « ADozen Summers Against the World » (Durtro 024cd), « To You » is taken from the 1996 untitled Durtro 033cd.

All music by Michael Cashmore except track 2 (disc 1), which is traditional, and 13 (disc 1), which is by Jacques Brel.All lyrics by David Tibet for the aformentioned tracks, and 5, which is by Douglas p « beauty Reaps the Blood of Solitude » was mixed by Steven Stapleton and Michael Cashmore in May 1994. »Death in a Snow Leopard Winter » is a rough listening mix taken from studio sessions in 1998. »A Dozen winetrs of Loneliness » was mixed in 1994 and « To You » mixed in 1995 by Michael Cashmore.

Produced by Michael cashmore.

Artwork and design by Michael Cashmore, assisted by Paul

Mastered by Andrew Liles in 2015.

Originally mastered by denis Blackham at Skye Mastering.

Thank you to david Tibet and to World serpent Distribution for making the original release of these albums possible.

Thanks you to Alex Storm at Trisol for his understanding, patience and helpfulness which made this reissue possible.

Dedicated to Unity rRose Cashmore.

Michael Cashmore, 23rd january 2015.

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