Special Interests

Les numéros #4, #6 et #7 du zine Finlandais sont arrivés en stock, à noter les retours en stock des numéros #8 et #9

 Special Interests #4

Power Electronics Industrial Noise Experimental Avantgarde Ambient

52 pages

Bastard Noise, Minamata, Brandkommando, Koufar/Disgust, Sickness, Raymond Dijkstra, TenHornedBeast, Trash Ritual, Impulsy Stetoskopu, NEdS.

Essentials : S.Glass, Steve Underwood, Pain Jerk.

Reviews, more…

Special Interests #6

Power Electronics Industrial Noise Experimental Avantgarde Ambient

Format B5

1. Front cover art by:
Waltteri M. / Armon Kuilu
Chosen pieces of series of works made by double exposure of color chrome slide film. It creates unique results unlike computer graphics.
4. Treriksröset
Low profile Swedish noise mastermind met for discussion at his home. by: Mikko Aspa, transcribed from audiotape by Andrew McIntosh
12. Boyd Rice
Long live via telephone interview with industrial pioneer and controversial artist by: Arvo Zylo
26. “Clandestine Amerika”
Insider look at the new forces of American Power Electronics by: Aaron Vilk
28. Slogun
Look on the new face of Slogun and the latest works of the legendary US power electronics unit by: Mikko Aspa
31. Perispirit
Relatively new but highly promising US experimental duo which does their best to escape narrow genre definitions. By: Aaron Vilk
32. Mika Taanila
Early days noise maker and experimental documentary maker from Finland. By: Mikko Aspa
36. As Loud As Possible
Both editors of the groundbreaking noise publication reply questions of past and present. By: Mikko Aspa
40. Gnaw Their Tongues
Cinematic horrorscapes of active dutch project. By: Aaron Vilk
Greek artist and noise maker interviewed by: George Kanavos
43. Black Boned Angel
Productive New Zealand artist interviewed about his latest works by: Tuukka Termonen
46. Militia
Eco-Anarchist Militia goes through their entire back catalogue as well as their politics.
By: Mikko Aspa
51. “For Little Box”
In this issue tape noise feature is replaced by cassette article by: GX Jupitter-Larsen
52. Magazine and Book reviews
54. Ke/Hil
Latest cold Tesco electronic duo approved to give rare interview. By: George Kanavos with additional questions by: Mikko Aspa
56. Reviews
63. Control
Short look to latest happenings of this unique American project by: George Kanavos
64. The Essentials
10 influential recordings exposed by Sick Seed, Haters and Night Science/Chrysalis.
66. Art by: Waltteri M. (Armon Kuilu)

 Special Interests #7

Power Electronics Industrial Noise Experimental Avantgarde Ambient

52 pages B5

Fumio Kosakai, Dave Phillips, Jason Crumer, Encephalophonic, Cult Of Youth, Phage tapes, Christian Stadsgaard, Klaus Hansen, noise documentaries.Essentials : Con-Dom, Wertham, Dieter Müh.

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